Cameraman Ganga tho Rambabu Review

Rating :  Cameraman Ganga tho Rambabu Review

Cameraman Ganga tho Rambabu, one of the most awaited combo of the year, arrived in today to 100+ theaters in Hyderabad and more all over the world. The subject was blustered to be around Pawanism was written and directed by Puri Jagannadh. Pawan Kalyan, Tamannaah, Gabriela, Kota, Prakash Raj and importantly dialogues played the major roles in the film.


Rambabu(Pawan Kalyan) is a mechanic who is lured into journalism by Ganga(Tamannaah) for his gutsy character. ChandraSekharReddy(Nasser) is the CM of Andhra Pradesh and Javahar Naidu(Kota) is the opposition leader, who’s foxing around to replace CM with his son Rana Babu (Prakash Raj). Rambabu, naturally, falls in fight with Rana Babu in the murder case of a journalist and thereby with Javahar Naidu. While working with Ganga as his cameraman and dancing for the item number ‘Joramochindhi’, Rambabu quits the job from this news channel that’s pressurized due to the feud between him and Rana Babu and there comes the interval following an action packed fight. Rambabu joins another channel run by the hot 2nd lady of the film. Later Rambabu confronts Rana Babu’s political mileage, starts a revolt involving common men against his plans to become CM and there continues the drama to the end.


Notably, Pawan Kalyan carried the film with his acting and his image around the role. Tamannaah is good at dancing and this time as well, Pawan Kalyan’s dances are equally good. Few glitches around with the graphics here and there that still run OK with the film’s emotion. Editing and screenplay should have been better. Puri Jagannadh, may not have easily delivered the story presentation through his screenplay. Last but not the least, Dialogues have the vitality in entertaining the crowds. Prakash Raj is very justified as well as Kota. Comedy isn’t the flavor in this film despite we have Ali, Bramhi, MS Narayana.


May be, the crew wanted to use catchy names and sequences or I’m daydreaming, it sounded a political stance point depicted satirical film at times with dialogues/roles indirectly aiming system and politicians, a similar fashion used in Gabbar Singh’s Antyakshari scene. Few such things are

1) The selection of the names
2) Prakash Raj sounding a little like Raj Thackeray
3) Dialogues touching Separate Telangana State, Pawan Kalyan’s Marriage controversy, part of climax dialogue while answering a question about his political entry.

The other aspect is – a few reshots as well as re-thoughts should have been made over few scenes. Those would have improved the grip on the story


– Pawan Kalyan, in full
– Background music
– Prakash Raj’s never boring villainy
– Length of the film that’s crisp and well managed while presenting a story like this


– Screenplay
– Songs
– Weak First Half
– Few uninteresting sequences between Ganga and Rambabu
– Weak treatment of Climax

The presentation doesn’t seem to carry that grip in the story. Editing as well is not to the mark. Performances are good but few awaiting clashes/scenes between Pawan Kalyan and different characters of the film aren’t at all to the expectations. The film is built around few scenes that didn’t connect themselves well into the story. These factors are eligible to lag the movie’s success chances. Will have to wait and see how the crowd receives it.

Bottomline – Overall, Full On for Pawan fans and further will have to await its reception.

UPDATE : Because of the controversies revolving around that Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu including Telangana, Chandra Babu Naidu, Puri Jagan decided to remove 11 scenes from the movie and released the following statement via twitter.

“I made #CGR wid a National integrity aspect n never intended to hurt any regional feelings, leaders Or agitations.
Footage which was felt objectionable is deleted.
I apologize 2all those of U who felt hurt by dis film n reinstate tht dis film is made wid constructive intent on social responsibility…”