Case No 666 /2013

Genre : Found Footage, Thriller, Horror & SuspenseCase-No-666 /2013
Cast: Charan Teja, Guru, Nandakishore, Aditya, Anurag, Nikitha and others.
Directed By Venkat Siddareddy, Purnesh Konathala
Written By Venkat Siddareddy, Purnesh Konathala, Aripirala Satyaprasad
Screenplay By Venkat Siddareddy
Cinematography: Chakradhar Rao
Production Design: Challa Srikanth
Executive Producer: Sai Rajesh
Producer:K Ashok Kumar


Case No 666 is an exciting one of a kind Telugu Film. It is the first Telugu Found Footage genre film, in the likes of Hollywood’s Blair Witch Project, Cloverfield and Paranormal Activity series. Made with a shoestring budget and finished shooting in 11 working days
Three buddies Bhaskar, Chaitanya and Durga along with a stranger, venture into a forest and stay in a haunted guest house for thrills. They record their experiences using two camera. Soon, the characters, one by one go missing. Six months after their dissappearance, police manage to recover three memory cards from the camera and was able to view the footage which is the content of the film viewable to us audience.

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