Damarukam Review

Damarukam Rating : 3.5/5

At last, the most awaited, most budgeted film of Nagarjuna, Damarukam released today. The movie landed in the right release space with 1 more week to Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum and no other films competing at the theaters. Moreover, the curiosity over the film added with the promotions in all possible ways gives a good prospect for the film to score well.

The film opens with a brief intro about our mythology
Maheshwari (Anushka) born on Panchagrahakootami day gives signs that portend her being supernatural. Of course, she’s loved by the  Mallikarjuna(Nagarjuna) who’s an auto driver  Andhakaasura (Ravi Shankar), the last of Rakshasas, is in pursuit of Maheshwari to acquire control over panchabhutas. By then, already, Malli escapes during his childhood from Andhakaasura before which he loses his entire family. The interesting part of the story is how all this is linked to Lord Shiva and how the good(hero) wins over the evil(villain).
‘King’ Nagarjuna gave a very thorough and all-round performance in this film. His toned body, younger looks than ever and his ‘other’ look in the film are exalting. Anushka embellished the songs, her introduction scene and thereby the whole movie. Ravi Shankar was good and apt with his body language, attire and dialogues. Firefly delivers a pretty good set of Computer Graphics for over an hour in this film which make the audience glued to their seats for at least the last half an hour of the film. Prakash Raj as lord Shiva is appealing and great as always he fits into the character with life. Krishna Bhagawan, MS Narayana, Brahmi in combination with Nag, have managed laughs at places in the film. Camerawork by Chaota K Naidu is commendable in making the film look richer and better. DSP justifies his part in music for his 50th venture. Director Srinivasa Reddy, managed everything well through out the film in making it watchable.
It seems that the year 2012 continues to be a very good year for Tollywood heroes and ‘Damarukam’ proves nothing less for Nagarjuna. Sidelining the monetary issues the film has faced, ‘Damarukam’ stands a very good movie in the careers of Nagarjuna and Srinivasa Reddy.
1) Computer Graphics, at various places
2) Interval
3) Climax
4) Aghoras’ fight
1) Slow first half
Damarukam is a  good film and a good attempt. Go and watch it !!!