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David Billa – Just Syrup, no FIZZ

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Even with David Billa’s release today, It seems Eega’s roadway is clear to grab it’s own share of Box Office collections till further confrontation.
    David Billa which released today, Friday the 13th of July, is one of the most anticipated films from Kollywood. Directed by Chakri Toleti (who happened to be also the director of the movie ‘Eenadu’), ‘David Billa'(Billa II in tamil)  had higher expectations being one of it’s kind prequel to a multilingually successful subject on a ‘DON’ named ‘Billa’. As everyone was mindful before stepping into theatres to watch ‘David Billa’, the reminiscences of the ‘Billa’ role, donned exuberantly by ‘Thala’ Ajith in ‘Billa’ that was directed by Vishnuvardhan (Director of Panjaa in telugu) and ‘Thalaivar’ Rajnikanth in the past, linger in the minds of the audience. And, for this film, Yuvan Shankar Raja provided the music, R D Rajasekhar worked as the director of cinematography. Suresh Urs did the editing and the dialogues in telugu are written by Sarath Mandava. Part of the Story, Part of Screenplay and direction were undertaken by Chakri Toleti, the ‘Bhangima’ photo studio boy in the film Sagara Sangamam who hails from Visakhapatnam.



    The film opens with a fight near a church where David Billa(Ajith) kills few baddies(of course, the best baddy of a Don-centric film being the hero himself). There the story goes back to a point where Billa arrives at a coastal place(may be presumed some place in Tamilnadu) as a refugee from SriLanka into a refugee Camp. He aggroups four men from the refugee camp, while he manages to slap one of the gnomic facilitator, Mutthaiah at the camp. Later,in the event of saving one of his men, he gets into a fight down with the security officer of the camp, Raghuveer Sinha. Mutthaiah, who has some revenge to be taken, joins Raghuveer to setup David Billa and Ranjith (one of the four men behind Billa) to smuggle diamonds in a truck of fish from ‘Bhai’ to Satya Reddy in Hyderabad. As pretty well expected, David Billa breaks the setup and kills the camouflaging policemen hired by Raghuveer-Bhai combo. And delivers the load to Satya Reddy, who upon learning from Billa about the plot, is made to kill Bhai. An item song appears as we see David Billa killing his foes and growing in business. A meet and deal with Kannan through Satya Reddy to sell drugs, pulls off Billa into another fight with a gang. He makes him bypass Kannan to draw the focus of Abbasi (Sudhanshu Pandey). Then follows the song ‘Edo oka maikam’ in his club, celebrating Billa’s connection with Abbasi from Goa, when sexy Sameera(Bruna Abdullah) locks eyes and desires with Billa already. In the course, David Billa pulls off a couple of decisions, one in which he refuses to get a politician’s son into the gang and the other to deal arms with Dmitri(Vidyut Jamwal), which are protruded properly by Kannan at Abbasi. The preface for Dmitri is when Billa saves a consignment for Dmitri on behalf of Abbasi. These two decisions piss off Abbasi and he decides to knock off Billa by the interval, whereas it happens the otherway around where Sameera joins Billa. Jasmine (Parvathy Omanakuttan), Billa’s niece, who stays at Billa’s place since her mother’s death, envies Sameera constantly. After an altercation with Dmitri over share on the arms business, Billa becomes the most wanted for Dmitri, Kannan, the Politician and Jasmine, except who the rest three join hands with Sameera to end Billa. Things won’t run right for Billa, who attempts to clutch a supportive hand from the Chief Minister, but kills him for denying help. Billa gets arrested and also gets bail with the help of Ranjith. Now that everything’s in place for the hero to get into action, he seizes Dmitri’s arms train and henceforth kills everyone, including the officer who documents Billa’s details at the refugee camp.



   The goods to be spoken of the film are the plot (‘inspired’ mostly from Scarface) and R D Rajasekhar – for which we owe a 2 star. Another admirable part of the film is the stunts
   To be talked about the bad, first in place, the dubbing and the dialogues in telugu are the most regretful parts that wouldn’t sail David Billa more than a couple of weeks in Tollywood. The dubbing artists have been consistent for other stars like Rajni, Kamal, Sooriya but not for Ajith (towards which he may have to work) and to the matter of fact, I would prefer the dubbing artist used for ‘Gambler’ to the current one. The loss of plot and direction in the second half adds to the further failure of this film in telugu. The scenes of killing other Dons are so simplex and in favour of the hero. They don’t elevate anyone else to stand opposite Billa, which would actually have elevated Billa even better. There isn’t any grip in the screenplay and the attempts(Jasmine’s kill, the first fight for drugs, the refugee camp officer’s kill) to create a violent environment have been proved futile.
    The appearances of Ajith aren’t that appealing for a wanna-be-Don, but he’s cool enough to be Billa. The styling factor and the bikini ingredient of the former Billa movie are missing and will disappoint the viewers on that attractive front. The songs are totally out of the place and aren’t more than a coffee break for the viewers. The scenes of Billa’s gratitude (Ex: delivering the truck to Satya Reddy instead of slipping with it and calling him even after he turns Don after killing Abbasi) wouldn’t add any good to the character.  Summing up, David Billa isn’t a prequel in good order to be called for ‘Billa’.



   Every DON has a history, but managed no resemblance with Tony Montana from Scarface, at which David Billa fails.