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1) It’s CONFIRMED. SS Rajamouli’s (Jakkanna) astounding stamp caused tremors. Julayi has already been postponed(the date will have to be confirmed officially, tentatively Aug 9th).
2) Devudu Chesina Manushulu, Uu… Kodathara? Ulikki Padathara? (UKUP, Oo Kodathara Ulikki Padathara) releases also have been affected.

    Reports pronounce that the visual masterpiece Eega collected 46.2 Crores Worldwide in its opening weekend with 13.2 crs from US & Europe alone. Tremendous and sizeable victory after Gabbar Singh this year.

Area wise 3 days share in Crores

Nizam 4.18
Ceded 2.50
Vizag 0.92
East 0.83
West 0.69
Krishna 0.81
Guntur 0.94
Nellore 0.50

Total AP share 11.31 Crores

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Eega Records - Eega Collections
    Naan Ee (Eega in Tamil) is campaigning strong and attracted a share of approximately Rs 1.70 Cr after 30 % entertainment tax and theatre share deduction. A Tollywood film that has no big wigs and just a familiar actor, ‘Kiccha’ Sudeepa, conceived a commendable share in Kollywood. Naan Ee has grossed Rs 4,01,61,564 from 208 screens in Tamil Nadu in its opening weekend (July 6 to 8) and continues to choke up those low speaking mortal vocals against Tollywood’s stamina in producing a high quality and extremely qualified film.

    SS Rajamouli, in high spirits, has emerged as the first of the new generation Telugu directors who has made an resonating impact in Tamil Cinema.A mere 3 days screening of Eega, gets not just praises but laurels from critics, media and stars – Prabhas,Tarak,Mahesh Babu,Raviteja,Venkatesh,Nagarjuna, Siddharth, Rana, Ravichandran, Vikram, Sooriya, Karthi, Dhanush and save your best for the last – ‘Thalaivar’, ‘SuperStar’, ‘South Indian BoxOffice Supremo’ Rajnikanth !
RGV, VV Vinayak, Puri Jagannadh, Surender Reddy, Harish Shankar, Meher Ramesh, Krish, Prakash, Nandini, Lingusamy and Shankar join the party in saying – Eega is a pride of Telugu and Tamil cinema. Are we back to that good old, golden era of cosmically recognized films like ‘Maya Bazaar‘(that has got NTR, ANR, SVR, Savitri..whatnot star cast of that period)?

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    Rajamouli fantasized his ‘Eega’, meant for kids – “It is a kid film. It is for the kid in every grown up.
Despite ramping up pressure to deliver an exceedingly successful film one after another, Director SS Rajamouli is already ‘hung’ over while enjoying the success.

    The makers are also planning to release the film in Hindi. Rajamouli said, “Yes, currently the ground work is going on”. The film opened to rave reviews and has been doing well so far. Noted filmmaker, Ram Gopal Varma went on to say that ‘Eega’ will enter the Rs 100 crore club!!

From SS Rajamouli Official Facebook Page : “The film which was thought of as an experimental and low budget movie when it began with a target 3-4cr budget has passed 30 Crores upon detail and a NO to compromise.” The production value rendered was with a translated into US dollars amount of 7 million USD, a miniscule sum of money when compared with the budgets of high profile Hollywood Animation/Disney/Pixar Films. A look into the cult classics like Lion King with a Budget of $45 mil in 1994, Toy Story $30 mil in 1995, Toy Story 2 $90 mil in 1999 and a whopping $200mil for the Toy Story 3 in 2010 , Pocahontas $55 mil in 1995, Aladdin $28 mil in 1992, Ice Age $59mil in 2002, Madagascar $25mil in 2005, Cars $120mil in 2006, Antz $60mil 1998, A Bug’s Life $120mil in 1998 , Graphic extravaganzas like Spiderman $139mil in 2002, $209 mil for Superman Returns in 2006, $200mil for 2012 & $237mil for Avatar in 2009 and recent 2012 release Amazing Spiderman $215mil ascertains the fact that “Eega” is not inferior a wee-bit in quality, thrills and action sequences to any of those films but delivered at a fraction of their budget. Considering that most of these films took at least 3 -4 years of execution time since inception of the idea to release of the film along with James Cameron’s Avatar that had a painstaking twelve years, the 18 months that Jakkanna took to sketch and etch EEGA to the skies its flying today is astonishing !!!

    And, is got to be a space to watch for more occupying write ups. Thanks to the ‘Eega’ team for the below !!
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