Gundamma Katha Remake – A Dream Project that’s making rounds !!

    Doesn’t a pursuit to remake one of the drama classics, not only in Telugu Cinema, but in Indian Cinema – Gundamma Katha, pull in thirst off all the Telugu Movie Lovers those who might have attended the film at least once in years?

    Yes, now Tollywood’s talking the possibilities of drawing this project on rails with the respective acting heirs. To the highest degree, casting of the movie needs to afford double-dyed grandness in not just making it acceptable, but also tributary to the legends.

Gundamma Katha Remake - NTR - Naga Chaitanya -

    Emphatically, the verity of the current state of affairs in Tollywood may portray a visible deficiency in the clever, not just apt, substitution of the actors and the modernization of the story line to the nowadays life style. Late Sri D.V. Narasa Raju, writer for the antecedent film alongside ‘Ramudu Bheemudu’, has grafted the subject with enough strands to turn it into a melodramatic celluloid of any time. Now that the successors of NTR (Tarak) and ANR (Naga Chaitanya) are ripe and adequate for the subject, both professionally and physically, the dream has gained it’s momentum to come out of the minds to virtuality. The criticality lies on who can play ‘Gundamma’s title role and impress to at least half the extent Suryakantham did.

Weighing the odds and start speculating, here are few actors who have prominance in and of the film.

    Director, Kamalakara Kameswara Rao – Imagine the captain who’s going to take the pounded pressure on to his head.

  • Can it be V V Vinayak (sounds pricy and action-packed) who’s the rapport guy with the line of actors to get roped into the projector Harish Shankar (too nascent, ain’t he?) who proved his natural ability in remaking a film personified and humorous, or Krishna Vamsi, who can picturize family drama sunnily and attractively to utmost detail (but still bagged flops successively).
  • Srinu Vytla(Dookudu in pocket, Baadshah at hand) teaming up with Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan to create another rib-tickling flick.
  • Rajamouli (time taker, but worthy and may get reluctant to deal with a remake) who has the pulse of the audience along his nerves?
  • Not to turn off on other enthusiasts like Vamsi Pydipalli, Krish Jagarlamudi, Sukumar, Bhaskar, but only after the above all.
  • Music Director, Ghantasala – M M Keeravani or even Ilayaraja can be good with his melody works and reusing the tunes like ‘lechindi, nidra lechindi‘ and ‘prema yatralaku brindavanam‘ 
  • NTR – Tarak, undoubtedly seems the right fit, both in name and versatility. His ease and screen presence have already been proven in ‘Brindavanam’ and he might just redo the magic.
  • ANR – Naga Chaitanya, a composed character that turns mischievous later, have to be taken care closely by the director.
NTR Naga Chaitanya Gundamma Katha  - Telugu News Portal
  • SVR – Choose from the following – Prakash Raj, Balakrishna.
  • Savitri & Jamuna – This pick can get inspired from the female leads in ‘Brindavanam’ where Kajal – Tarak & Samantha – Naga Chaitanya have a pretty testified on-screen chemistry. Kajal has attained that natural innocence from films like ‘Mr. Perfect’ and ‘Brindavanam’. On the contrary, the young and sheer portrait is an in hand prime for Samantha, the lady luck of Tollywood, coupled with Chinmayi’s voice.
  • Harinath – This character gives the financial freedom to the producer who can pick a young, aspiring hero for the job.
  • Ramana Reddy – This would be a director’s choice from the lot of comedians we have nurtured – Brahmanandam or M S Narayana.
  • Rajanala – no alternatives, Kota Srinivasa Rao
  • Chaya Devi – A stiff wrangler lady (on-screen or off-screen) – Roja
  • Suryakantam – The crucial choice. Sridevi and Ramyakrishna are probables. But, both have their drawbacks. Suryakantam in the film is as such, a package – a middle aged, widowed lady with blistering vocal and cannot be replaced by any of the present retired heroines or character artists.

    The beauty of this project will still oscillate over the pick of ‘Gundamma’ and the producer going over his buck limit. Otherwise, this magnum opus will have to hang on the walls untouched and unravelled.