Julayi Review

Julayi Review - Tollyhub.com - Telugu Movies News PortalRating : 3.5

 The doubly postponed and thereby making it the most awaited movie of the monsoon, Julayi released today to massive openings. Before writing any opinion on the movie, savor a sip of the dialogue feast.

Kota Srinivasa Rao: 
Rushikonda nundi Bhimili velle daarilo road vampu ga untundhi, ammayi nadumalle.
Prakash Raj (voice over):

Life aneydi highway…gelupu anedi one way…short cuts ki no way

Allu Arjun:
Logic lu evaru nammaru.andariki magic ye kavali. Anduke mana desam lo scientist la kanna baba le famous
Istapadithe adrustam, balam ga anukunte bhavishyattu
Katthi ki feelings undav babai..Padhune..
Karuvocchina country ki ambassador la undhi
Class lo first answer cheppinodu kadhu, exam lo raasinode topper
vandhellu brathakataniki nuvvu, nee thammudu gullu emanna kattinchara?
Sonu Sood:
Life lo eppudu em cheyyalani pakkodini adagaku. Clarity undali
Naakoka dastha paperlu bastha pennulu kavali..Aathma kadha raasukuntanu..ye gandhi, nehru lake aathmaluntaya..naaku undhi..daaniki oka kadha yedchindhi
Rajendra Prasad:
Puvvulni, ammayilni chupinchandi ra..maree violent ga unnadu
 I wouldn’t spoil the jests by coining in more dialogues but YES, Trivikram banged in again with his creative pen to write another hilarious narration as Julayi. Additively, the songs and their lyrics have funded the film with more fun. The movie has got decent commercial elements in it blended with humour, making it watchable.



Varadarajulu(Kota) and Bittu(Sonu Sood) plan for a robbery of 1500 Crores at a bank where Bharani (Ravi’s father) saves money for his daughter’s wedding. Ravindra aka Ravi (Allu Arjun) known for the title role, challenges with his father on earning money by betting on an IPL match in a pub. In the due course, he happens to meet Bittu and gang and also, falls out to help the police bust the dacoity planned by the gang. The cash goes missing and Bittu gets out of jail to avenge for his brother Lala’s (Shafi) killing and find the missing cash. Ravi, on the flipside, who falls in love with Madhu (Illeana), also bolts down the plans of Bittu over and over with the help of ACP Seetharam(Rajendra Prasad) to bestow the movie to its apex by the end of first half. The rest is how Bittu and Ravi hunt each other and should be caught only on the screen.



Allu Arjun, the Stylish Star is at his best in his comedy and love timing.
Illeana served the commercial flick heroine with an extra flake of buoyancy as part of the story.
Sonu Sood, the cornet in the crew, has increasingly become an antagonist with more potent in the recent films and he marks his presence in villainy again.
Kota Srinivasa Rao (Past, Present, Future Continuous Tense to be applied here) IS one of the most proficient characterized villain formulas of Tollywood, “hence proved” once more with Julayi.
Rajendra Prasad, a crucial asset to the film’s flux of humour throughout, is the right choice and did sound justice to his role.
Brahmi, MS – underutilized, but brought in smiles.
Rao Ramesh is apt for his role.



  • Sonu Sood as ‘Bittu’
  • Trivikram Srinivas’s dialogues
  • Cinematography by Chota K Naidu
  • Editing by Prawin Pudi
  • Music By Devi Sri Prasad
  • Allu Arjun as pakka Julayi
  • Might be an inspiration from one of its kind hero-villain ingenious chemistry between Sherlock Holmes and Professor James Moriarity from films like ‘Game of Shadows’



  • Most of the stunts
  • Few lapses in screenplay
  • Few evident copies from ‘Italian Job’, ‘The Dark Knight’


Why should the robbery gang have to take all the hardship to break into the locker room by using tools, destroying cameras and blackmailing the bank staff for keys, while anyway a crane rams into the same locker room from a side wall to pick the cash?



If you’re a fan of Trivikram, relish it. If you’re a fan of Allu Arjun, flavor it. If you’re both, you’ll enjoy the film. A clean entertainer with few cinematic liberties to be ignored for the sake of fun. Let us see how this movie fares in the coming days (B&C centers are going to be a important hurdle the movie should cross to become a good hit).