Kadali Review

Kadali Rating – 2.5/5

Kadali Review

Kadali is Mani Ratnam’s comeback movie after a long gap of two years after Raavan (Villian in Telugu. He introduced Gautam Karthik and Thulasi Nair (daughter of Radha) to the Silver Screen who are children of Yesteryear Actors Karthik and Radha respectively. Huge Star Cast was included in this flick that of Aravind Swamy, Arjun, and Manchu Lakshmi et c. AR Rahman has given tunes to the flick and camera is handled by Rajeev Menon. The song Nenjukulle in Tamil is already a viral hit and it is Gunjukunna in Telugu.


The story is about two members of a Christian Missionary namely Sam (Aravainda Swamy) and Berchmans (Arjun) who are trained to become priests in future. Sam is kind and has generous nature while Berchmans is unruly and does everything that is not meantkadali-movie-stills-14 to do. On Sam’s complaint, he will be kicked out of the Missionary and there rises the point of revenge in him. Thomas (Gautam Karthik) is  an orphan residing in a Fishing Village. Sam takes care of him as a guardian and teaches him and the entire village about God and Good Living. Berchmans turns as a Gangster now and on his way in taking revenge he meets Sam and causing him a big trouble. On the other side, Thomas falls in love with Beatrice (Thulasi) and he even gets noticed that she is the daughter of Berchmans.
The Story ends showing how Thomas helps Sam by preventing Berchmans on taking his revenge.


Debutant Gautam has done a good job with his acting but it was dominated completely by the performances of Arjun and Aravind Swamy. Lakshmi Prasanna is allright with her scenes. Thulasi hasn’t got much chance to explore her acting.
AR Rahman’s music has sounded well as usual and the BGM was pretty good. Rajeev Menon’s Cinematography is the main asset of the movie. The exotic locations of the beach and the fishing village were of top class.


Narration of the script is very bad in the movie. The movie lacked its pace during the second half while the first one was OK. The Blockbuster Song Gunjukunna was just used as a Background Song. There were no Comedy or Hilarious scenes and it travels in a serious way from the initial stage.
The Movie was first assumed to be a love story but the romance sequences are not so good except with the lip-lock. Thulasi Nair’s character lacked the required portion of the movie.
Heavy dialogues delivering Bible messages would turn boring to the viewer.

Captain’s Work:

Mani Ratnam’s kind of direction can be surely seen in this movie. He lost his balance in showing the commercial elements which were required. He succeeded with Technical Aspects side leaving the plot of Emotions behind. He tried to cover with the climax sequence but the damage has already happened.

Our View:

This movie is a typical Mani Ratnam’s directorial having great performances by Arjun and Aravinda Swamy. Kadali is a cinematic representation of the conflict between Good and Bad. Christianity is the underlying concept.