Varun Tej Training at Vizag

It is known to the readers that another hero from Mega Camp Varun Tej is on his ascension and it seems the family doesn’t leave Varun Tej Training at Lanka Satyanandany stone right-side-up in bestowing his acting skills with super star fundamentals. Lanka Satyanand, an illustrious acting guru from Vizag, is now shaping this young lad and prepping him for his first film, mostly with Sreekanth Addala. Satyanand is a superstar maker under whose counseling actors like Pawan Kalyan, Mahesh Babu, Prabhas, Ravi Teja spent quality time in toning themselves into distinguished talents. All these actors have proved their aggression at box office, versatility in acting and have been steered well to develop their own styling, skills and self branding  by Mr. Satyanand without any perceived commonality. That proves that this guru from vizag, realizes and empathizes with each and every candidate for his acting school carefully. All the Best Varun Tej !!

Varun Tej New Movie