Vishwaroopam Review

Vishwaroopam Rating : 3.5/5

Vishwaroopam, Kamal Hassan’s dream project has released recently after getting over many controversies. Till now, this bilingual movie didn’t release in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. The assorted elements of Terrorism, Religion and acts of a Secret Agent Organisation increased the required hype for the movie. Kamal has directed this movie under his own production while Sekhar Kapoor, Rahul Bose, Pooja Kumar and Andrea has shared their respective portions of the reel.

Vishwaroopam Review

PlotVishwaroopam Review

The Story starts showing Viswanath (Kamal Hassan) as a Kathak dance teacher and Ashmita(Andrea) is one of his dance students. His wife Dr.Nirupama(Pooja Kumar) is a nuclear oncologist and she is not satisfied with his husband’s attitude by which she falls in Love with his boss Deepak. But Deepak works secretly for a Terrorist gang lead by Omar (Rahul Bose) which will be known by the pair in an unexpected way.
Soon, Nirupama gets clarity about his husband that he has got a serious past and he is working for a mission with Sekhar Kapoor, American accomplice Dawkins (Miles Anderson) and Ashmita to destroy the cruel plan laid by Omar in the New York City.
Story turns more interesting on revealing Viswanath as Wisam Ahmed Kashmiri and his past life with Omar and Terrorism and it gives final plot ends with his win over Omar.


The Story itself is appealing to a viewer as they could feel the rawness of the characters shown. Kamal Hassan’s performance in Vishwaroopam was outstanding. He brought the required originality to both the characters he played. Pooja Kumar should get a bow for her acting and her dubbing artist should be really appreciated. Rahul Bose impressed everyone with his subversive ideas. Sekar Kapoor and Andrea have done their performances well.
The Action episodes in Vishwaroopam are of Hollywood style in experience and the credit goes to the Action Choreographer. Art Director Lalgudi N.Ilayaraja draws the special attention with his fabulous work for creating whole Afghanistan set for the movie. Cinematographer Sanu Varghese has done his job well which appeared greatly on the Screen.
Screenplay and Story got a good balance allover especially in the First Half.


Music is the total disaster except of Kamal’s introduction song. The Background Score  was good enough to carry the pace of the movie. The Slow Narration of the second half may be boring to the viewer. The climax was not so exiting and it has a normal ending at the last. Kamal left back many questions in Vishwaroopam which includes his for which he hinted an answer at the last signifying about the sequel.

Captain’s Work

Kamal’s story, taking and narrating will surely take him to get named as a top class Filmmaker with Vishwaroopam. His way of showing the adverse effects of Terrorism is splendid. He should concentrate a little more in speeding up the pace in narration.

Our View

Well folks, rush to the Vishwaroopam theatres now to get a high class technical experience on the screen. Kamal who made several mistakes in his previous experimental movie Dasavatharam has excelled with the present one. Except with the climax, the movie is a definite watch entertainer.