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Ko Ante Koti Movie ReviewOddly, rather, we call it levelheadedly, we’ve decided to write about the film – ‘Ko Ante Koti’, produced by Sarvaa (Sharwanand). Definitely, we’re not here to teach film making but, only to  conduct salubrious critique; not to bend, but to aid the viewers’ perception about the film. Hence, we’re sampling the film established on several measures that can accurately gauge the substance in each film. One such film we felt the need to be spoken about while on the scale of ‘experimentation’, is ‘Ko Ante Koti’. First off, – Bravo Sharwanand – for driving your career through roles assumed in films like ‘Vennela’, ‘Amma Cheppindhi’, ‘Gamyam’, ‘Prasthanam’,’Andari Bandhuvaya’ to emerge as a young generation producer with Ko Ante Koti in Tollywood.


Maaya Master(Sri Hari), who’s a specialist in opening lockers, plans for a robbery along with Chitti, Bujji and loops in Vamsi (Sarvaa) as well. Vamsi falls in love with Satya(Priya Anand) and runs out of her life for a story demands. The villain is the Chief Security Officer of Diamond House, the place at which the robbery is planned. The story revolves around Maaya Master, Vamsi, Satya, Chitti, Bujji, villain and the money. In order not to blow the plot and the play of the film, we’re not revealing the story elaborately.


Sharwanand did justice to his part as producer and with his quirky heroism in Ko Ante Koti. Comedy isn’t at the best in all parts of the film, but served few smiles. Priya Anand seemed utterly angelical and stunningly beautiful in few scenes/songs in the film. The love track, intimacy between hero and heroine worked well throughout the film. Sri Hari did his contribution with a little bit of confusion in his characterization. The others just filled in the screen space for other roles in the story. Music by Shakti Kanth is refreshing and the direction of Anish Kuruvilla has taken a step up after his Avakai Biryani.


The film may not serve the conventional formulaic, quality control vigilantes as its viewers. Different or unconventional films are the need of the hour in Ko Ante Koti Movie ReviewTollywood to encourage youngsters to thrive for their dreams in the tinsel town. Nowadays, the banners, brands, stars are behind the big money and this is widening the gap between low budget and high budget films. Even the present day directors are looking up to write up retarded storylines right in their 2nd or 3rd ventures, stuff the films with remixes and sizzlers, make use of audio functions to promote the openings and touch the dollar mark. This is kicking upstairs, a one-way flow, on how to succeed quickly and mint money. In the long run, we’ll continue losing standard in film making and continue complaining for not bagging any awards. But, few movie enthusiasts with good story lines and capability,lacking commercial-grade, are made to pursue opportunities like ‘Ko ante Koti’ with a bad case of limitations all around. Obviously, these limitations show affect on the movie in parts. But we may have to rate not just content, but also intent sometimes.


– Songs                   Ko Ante Koti Movie Review
– Music
– Cinematography


– Weak Dialogues at important places, though rest are entertaining
– not a gripping narration
– not a family movie, definitely
– Old wine in the new bottle kinda story
– Lack of actors other than the known three in the film


Ko Ante Koti isn’t that bad not to pay a visit, but also isn’t something you may want to stretch your expenses or time to watch this. You can enjoy the film with no expectations, for a pastime.