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Naayak Rating : 3.5/5

Naayak Review

Naayak, starring Mega PowerStar RamCharan, Kajal Aggarwal, Amala Paul and directed by V V Vinayak opens the account for Tollywood in 2013 today on the 9th day of January. And today the film seems to open formidably as well to kickstart the good saga in this new year.
Naayak Review Naayak rating


The film has a curtain raiser fight where Sidharth Naayak (Ram Charan) kills Pradeep Rawat’s brother in Kolkata. On the other side, Cherry aka Charan (Ram Charan) is a software engineer working for his uncle Jilebi (Brahmi) who falls in love with Kajal Aggarwal, the sister of a renowned don Gandi Babji(Rahul Dev). Ashish Vidhyarthi is the CBI officer trying to catch hold of Naayak and mistakenly catches Cherry and towards intermission the known twist of dual role is revealed. Naayak’s brother-in-law(Rajeev kanakala) is killed for confronting illegal and unethical prostitution carried out by the gang of Rawat. And then, Naayak starts killing the people behind the racket. The second half unwinds the union of Cherry and Naayak in fighting the social felons.


First of all, the two characters that draw any the lion’s share of any success this film’s further may see – are played by Jaya Prakash Reddy in the 1st half and Posani Krishna Murali in the 2nd half.
Ram Charan plays a subtle role and is improving to grab and sustain his father’s fan base. His dances improved or are unearthed in this film to the fullest. But, he will have to improve his expression skills in combination with the present body language. Kajal is not a good pair as she was in Magadheera with Ram Charan, but is finally okey-dokey. Amala Paul is another heroine used for just songs and low characterization in a star based story. Dialogue based comedy in the film is the best part for viewers to look out for. Chota K Naidu has put in all his experience to show the film rich and graceful. V V Vinayak, the e-commerce(Entertainment Commerce) magnet of Tollywood is at a crucial fix to prove his stamina at box office, chose the right script (rather than calling story line). Thaman is decent with his background score for the film. Charmi served the item number well.


The image ramp up for Ram Charan in the footsteps of his father is evident when someone like Vinayak is directing the film. Akula Siva might have rubbed a heavier and pungent storyline against Ram Charan’s image to impress the masses, after a similar attempt in Racha. This might help RC on occasions but will plunge his other acting abilities for his age. The message passing and high tension dialogues are good for the films but not for young heroes as the expectations freeze. Failures like Dhammu for NTR, and contiguous stretch of flops for Ravi Teja are examples for getting stuck in a image early in their career.
This film seems to take a lot of parallels from other V V Vinayak’s films. And, Few scenes that have resemblances with previous ones:
  1. The court scene is analogous to that in Tagore, including the lawyer(Ahuthi Prasad) prosecuting the hero.
  2. The confusion comedy taking the dual roles to advantage is already done in Adhurs.
  3. The climax fight where the stronger of the duo(Naayak) saves the other and concludes the fight as in Adhurs.
  4. The attire,role and slang of Jaya Prakash Reddy is as it was in Krishna.


All four needed for a ‘Sankranthi’ commercial success:
  • Comedy
  • Music
  • Dances
  • Vinayak mark Fights


  • Conventional story and screenplay, loses that novelty
  • Too many villains may be to keep the hero busy with goons throughout the film
  • If the comedy is cut out of the film, there’s literally nothing entertaining that V V Vinayak used to excel at in his previous films


V V Vinayak is likely to snatch his 4th success for Sankranthi after Lakshmi, Krishna and Adhurs. Ram Charan will have grabbed enough of mass appeal after this film. May not be a ‘Don’t miss it’ material, but if you’re looking for a film to laugh out your stresses for this Sankranthi, go and watch Naayak.